Akamai-as-Code with The Washington Post

Akamai-as-code with The Washington Post


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We partnered up Arc Publishing, a Washington Post company, to show you how they’ve leveraged Akamai and several other tools to automate and simplify their everyday work. Arc Publishing provides a powerful, headless content management system (CMS) that services more than 1,000 sites globally. In this webinar, you’ll learn how they use Akamai’s DevOps capabilities to manage their infrastructure as code and how they were able to simplify config management by enabling Akamai’s web acceleration and security features. You’ll learn how Arc publishing can now launch new customer configurations in less than an hour compared to days and can apply changes to a global customer base in two hours compared to two weeks. We’ll dive into how they set up their workflow and how you can simplify your own. 





Ian Baker


Technical Director
The Washington Post


Yair Greenbaum


Engagement Manager
Akamai Technologies

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